Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Photographer's Suitcase: What you should have in your wardrobe by

Here's a quick blogpost for Malaysian Photographers.

Nobody has really said it formally, but dress codes can be tricky. Nevertheless, here are some wardrobe list that I think any photographer, especially in Malaysia should have in their suitcase. Hope this helps.

I understand that everyone is unique and there's a wide range of the type of photography work is around. This is not a compulsory dress code, but I think it's essential for every photographer to have at least one of these wardrobe suggestions in their collection.

The concept of a photographer's wardrobe is to create as little attention to ourselves as possible. In other words, try to dress so that you can blend-in with the crowd and be invisible. This will allow us to take the attention away from us and actually focus on getting our shots.

These are some basic suggestions, based on what I do have, and usually wear on a shoot, meeting, or presentation. It works well for me.

For female photographers, the concept is the same, dress to create less attention to yourself.

Keywords to note when it comes to dressing for a shoot:

  • Invisible
  • Less attention
  • Sharp
  • Clean
  • Neat
  • Smart
  • Professional
  • Comfortable

For formal events, dinners, launches.

Combo 1: General corporate events
  1. Black shirt, long sleeve
  2. Black trousers
  3. Black (polishable) shoes
Combo 2: Suits
  1. Black suit (with black trousers)
  2. White shirt
  3. Tie of your choice (possibly that doesn't attract attention: plain coloured, grey, dark blue or black)
For Royal occasions, Malay weddings
  1. Black baju Melayu with complete buttons
  2. Black songkok
  3. Black and gold sampin
  4. Black (polishable) shoes
Casual work, for commercial, on-location
  1. Jeans (either black or blue), but not worn out or seasoned. You wanna look sharp.
  2. Cargo pants or Khaki pants
  3. Khaki shorts for sports events
  4. Black plain collared T-shirt
  5. White plain collared T-shirt
  6. Black plain round neck T-shirt
  7. White plain round neck T-shirt
  8. Grey plain round neck T-shirt
  9. Black shirt, short sleeve
  10. Any comfortable sneakers
What do you think?

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